Any individual or business that has a professionally installed CCTV system in place will tell you how invaluable it can be. Thanks to advancements in technology, there are now several formats of CCTV available, each with their own individual pros and cons.  Most installers will have a preference, but having a choice enables us to provide a system that fits around the many variables that need to be considered during the design process.

All of our CCTV installations are networkable, allowing the end user to view live footage and recordings via their PC, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Using only the most up to date technology, our systems produce the most stunning high-definition images and allow for the most superior digital zoom. In many cases this facility can reduce the need for multiple cameras viewing the same area; reducing installation time and cost.

Crime prevention or positive monitoring?

When it comes to CCTV most initially think of crime prevention but our systems are not only used for capturing footage of criminals, they are widely used by many business and homeowners for what we call 'positive monitoring'.

From tracking stock levels to monitoring car park movements or simply keeping an eye on pets and livestock, G8 Systems are able to offer a huge range of system varients to suit your specification or budget.

Many DIY systems offer extremely poor quality recordings and the police have reported that up to 80% of systems fail to meet the required standard.  A professional installation company, like G8 Systems, will ensure that you have the correct camera installed in the correct location.  We will also take other image affecting factors into consideration, such as lens sizing, resolution quality, additional lighting requirements, weather conditions, physical location and motion detection.

  • Analogue
  • IP
  • HD-CVI
  • HD-SDI
  • 4k
  • Networked Connectivity
  • Motion Detection
  • IR Detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • GSM Diallers
  • Audio Connectivity
  • ANPR
  • Fixed Lens
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom
  • IR Night-vision
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Remote Recording
  • Wireless Bridges


Chief of Scotland Yard Promotes CCTV

In March 2015, the Chief of Scotland Yard, Bernard Hogan, announced that both home and business owners should be doing more to assist the police in capturing criminals; and with huge developments in facial recognition technology, their forensic teams require more footage to cross reference against the 12 million images they have stored on file.  However, the quality of the image is sacrosanct and good, clear images are required for this to be possible.

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